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Adobe Sign

Started Jan 26, 2021


Full course description


Adobe Sign can be used by all staff.  You are required to complete this course before getting an Adobe Sign account.

Learning Outcomes

  • Set up your Profile, Notifications, and Signature to maximize the use of the program.
  • Know how to begin a new file or use an existing template from the shared library.
  • Know how to assign email addresses in the order and legal signature requirement needed for the form.
  • Add a message and add a file (or template).
  • Know how to use the automated form field detector and add, remove, and edit various fields on the form.
  • Send the file for signature.
  • Learn how to Manage drafts, files sent, signed, and archived.
  • Know how to download and upload files to SEIS, Google Drive, or any shared folder used by your department.

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