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Mindfulness Practices

Ended Jun 4, 2022

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Welcome to We Believe in Staff Wellness -Mindfulness Practices. In this course, you will practice mindfulness activities alongside Sharon Whitefawn,  of Whitefawn Wellness, a company dedicated to providing experiential educational programs, uniquely designed to enhance positive mental health, increase emotional intelligence, and improve physical fitness. 

Mindfulness practices are considered therapeutically synergistic and have proven to be effective in helping countless individuals transform their lives. Whitefawn will teach staff how to make positive changes neurologically, psychologically and physiologically to MUSD staff to maximize their full potential: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This introduction course truly is the first step of your  transformational journey to reach your maximum potential.

Time Needed

There are 8 unique videos in this course, approximately 60 minutes in length.  The course is designed to be within 9-10 hours of learning time, and the LCAP Staff Wellness incentive for completion of this course is $300.00 (LCAP Goal 5, Action 8).  This course will not end until May 31, 2022, and all activities must be completed by June 3, 2022 to receive Staff Wellness incentive. Completion documentation will be sent to MUSD Business Department/Payroll by June 5, 2022 for processing. This course may only be taken one time by district employees for LCAP incentive; class can be voluntarily repeated.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to achieve holistic wellness. 
  • Definitions of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of individuals. 
  • Identify where your imbalances are and learn a few beginner techniques to begin rewiring your brain for lasting happiness.
  • Develop a positive outlook while pursuing a journey of ongoing personal growth