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Ended Jun 6, 2022

Full course description


This is a beginner course recommended for any adult interested in a journaling tool to start each day with gratitude, plan out daily schedule and to-do list with a focus on physical and mental health while developing healthy self-care routines.

Time Needed

Each module should take approximately 20 minutes per month.  The course is designed to be within 6 hours of learning time, and the LCAP Staff Wellness incentive for completion of this course is $300.00 (LCAP Goal 5, Action 8).  This course will not end until May 31, 2022, and all activities must be completed by June 3, 2022 to receive Staff Wellness incentive. Completion documentation will be sent to MUSD Business Department/Payroll by June 5, 2022 for processing.

Learning outcomes:

  • Complete a SELF-CARE ASSESSMENT: You will be asked to think about your current physical, social, emotional, and spiritual self-care, as well as what is blocking you from doing more self-care.
  • Build a SELF-CARE MAP: Categorize your self-care acts based on what you need at the moment, whether it be relaxation, health, connection, rejuvenation, comfort, or expression.
  • Set RECURRING SELF-CARE ACTS: Think of the self-care acts you can realistically fit into your routine. If you’re stuck and need some inspiration, you can reference a Self-Care Cheat Sheet to generate ideas.
    Create your own VISION OF BALANCE: Envision your life well-balanced. Use this vision board to guide you as you create your goals for the next year.
  • Set GOALS: Set your goals in each of the given categories. These goals will act as your road map as you plan the months, weeks, and days.
  • Design your IDEAL ROUTINE: Map out a routine that incorporates self-care in the morning, afternoon, and evening. There are two pages to create two different routines because every day isn’t the same for most of us.